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Opening Day

It’s opening day for trapping most furbearers in Nebraska.  We at the Nebraska Fur Harvesters Association wish you a season filled with success, pride, enjoyment and education.  We also hope you end up making a little money on top of it, although with prices the way they are, do not set your expectations out of reach.

We would like to to keep the following things in mind this season as you set out to trap:

  • You are setting an example for all trappers, everywhere.  Be the trapper you would want kids to learn from.
  • Take someone with you who has never trapped before.  Show them a few sets, harvest a few animals and show them how it’s done.
  • Be humane.
  • Be respectful of landowner’s property and do not trespass.  Ask permission on private ground.
  • If trapping on public ground, please be aware of the fact that other people (and their dogs) will be using the property as well, and place your sets accordingly.
  • Work hard.
  • Don’t be afraid to release animals that look too small or do not look primed up.  There is no shame in releasing a sub-par animal.
  • Help another trapper/outdoorsman if he needs it.
  • Share advice with a beginner.  We were all there at one time.
  • Take time to learn something new.
  • Stop and take in all that the outdoors has to offer.
  • Obey all your state laws.

Thank you and have a good season!
-The Nebraska Fur Harvesters

Fur Season Is Upon Us, But The Experts Say Not So Fast

The famous line used by ESPN College Football analyst Lee Corso could be applied to fur season, “Not so fast, my friend”.

Even though the Nebraska fur harvest season officially starts November 1st for most furbearers, the experts are saying hold off and use some restraint.

In a facebook post from October 27th, 2016, Greg Petska of Petska fur, says “Coon market very Weak yet. We are only going to buy better colors and better sizes from better sections for between $1-4. Don’t want any coon taken before thanksgiving.

Fur primes up based on the amount of daylight and some say it is affected by the temperature.  If such is the case, the unseasonably warm October temperatures have not helped it any.

According to information posted on Groenewold Fur and Wool Company’s website, prices are flat for raccoon, beaver and muskrats.  In a nutshell it looks like not a lot has changed from last year.

Be selective and start later.  Get a catch pole and learn to use it.  The warm temperatures offer a good opportunity to go out and do some extra scouting.  Take your shotgun with you and take advantage of our rebounding upland game bird populations.

It will be here before you know it.