Best Management Practices Brochures

Association of Fish and Wildlife AgenciesThe Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies makes available several documents concerning best management practices when trapping furbearers.  Packed full of information based on sound research and science, each document discusses habitat, trap selection and many other topics.  They recognize that regulated trapping is an efficient and necessary management tool for the welfare of wildlife.  Each document is species specific.  The links below take you to the documents for the most popular furbearers of Nebraska, but others are available on the Association of Fish and Wildlife’s website.   The Introduction to BMP document has some good information on types of traps and trap modification.

Introduction to Best Management Practices  |  Badger  |  Beaver  |  Bobcat  |  Coyote (Eastern)  |  Coyote (Western)  |  Gray Fox  |  Mink  |  Muskrat  |  Opossum  |  Raccoon  |  Red Fox  |  Striped Skunk  |  Weasel