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Minnesota Trapline Products

Minnesota Trapline Products   (320)-599-4176

Minnesota Trapline Products, Inc. was founded in October of 1978 by Tim and Nancy Caven. MTP has grown over the past 37 years to be the single largest direct retail trapping supply company in the world. Minnesota Trapline Products branched out into the manufacturing of specialized heavy duty (“MB – Minnesota Brand”) trap line equipment in 1994. In 2010 MTP purchased the Bridger Trap Company from Terry and Jody Montgomery.

Your order (big or small) is our #1 priority and customer service is our specialty. Everyone here at Minnesota Trapline Products fully understands that the customer comes first and that we won’t be going home until each and every order is done and done right. We want ONE chance to prove ourselves to each of you. If we can’t handle your order perfectly, we don’t expect a second chance

Remember, as always, if you’re a veteran we would be pleased to send you a free MTP T-shirt or hat with your order. We strongly support our military men and women. Thank you greatly for the opportunity to serve you and rest assured that you will be treated with the genuine respect that you deserve



Top Lot Stretchers

Top Lot Stretchers    (507) 372-5588

Top Lot Stretcher Co. is family-owned and operated in Worthington, MN. We started manufacturing and selling stretchers in 2010. We started the company to spread the word on proper fur handling and the correct sizing on fur forms. Leon is well known for his fur handling skills especially for his coon put up. He has competed in several Fur Handling ad Fur Grading Competitions. He is always willing to share his tips and tricks on trapping and put up. We believe in quality products at a fair price. Quality is our number one priority.

Leon is a lifetime member to the National Trappers Association and Minnesota Trappers Association. He is a member of Fur Takers of America, Iowa Trappers Association, Nebraska Trappers Association, and the South Dakota Trappers Association. It is always important to be part of your states association.

Peterson Furs

Peterson Furs   (605) 482-8131

Peterson Furs was founded in 1994 by Steve (Pete) Peterson. There was a need for a local fur buyer in Ramona and the surrounding areas. Located on Pete and Sue Peterson’s rural Ramona farm the business has grown into much more than just a place to drop off furs.

Peterson Furs now carries a full line of trapping supplies and offers a wide variety of services to the trapper and fur harvester. Peterson Furs buys raw and finished fur, hides, offers custom tanning services and is a Fur Harvester Auction Receiving Agent since 2003. We offer a fair honest aproach to fur buying.

Pete is a member of the FTA, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and National Trappers Associations. We urge you to support your State and National trapping organizations to insure the future of trapping !

Responsible Ownership Resulting in 100% Customer Satisfaction

Give us a try in the upcoming season !

Soup Can Coonin’

Soup Can Coonin’   (402) 875-1406

We are a family owned private business located in the heartland of America. All of our traps are laser cut steel products made in the USA from start to finish with precision and pride. They are designed for easy use, versatility, efficiency, safety, and most of all to catch a lot of fur!

This trap can be dropped right on the ground or dug into a 3″ hole.  It can be pushed into the sand, mud, or snow right up to the level of the faceplate vertically or horizontally.  It can also be suspended from a tree, fence, bridge, old house, and log jams.  Virtually any structure.  Suspending the trap keeps it mouse free and can reduce the catch of non target animals by adjusting the elevation of the trap.  This new trap design allows you  to make sets that no other traps on the market could even dream of doing.   Basically anywhere a coon can travel you can set this trap!

The can is easy to remove and can be taken off in seconds, hundreds of times.   The can protects your trap and its internal components from mud, muck, frost, ice and snow.  The trap is designed to catch the inside lip of the can left from using a regular can opener.  The type of can used is the most common size can used today. To remove the can simply squeeze the top of the can to oblong it allowing the clip to pass by the inside lip of the can.  This allows you to clean out your trap if needed in the field.

One of my personal favorite things about the trap is that you can have it baited and ready to go before you leave the driveway. It is light, fast setting and the applications are endless for sets.  you can put 3 dozen in a pack basket baited and they weigh 30lbs or less.  The trap can be set by hand or by means of a 5/32 allen wrench.  With the can on or off!  No special tools needed!!!

The trap is made from 12 gauge flat iron and 16 gauge pipe, a strong torsion spring and a hardened steel wire hair trigger mechanism.  The face of the trap has a 1/4″ hole on one side for fixing the trap to objects by means of wire, staple, screw, or nail.  It comes equipped with a 1 foot 2/0 double loop trap chain and heavy swivel.

The original trap design was to be able to push the trap into the mud, sand and muck along cricks and streams.  Swipe the face of the trap with some mud and it looked just like a crawdad hole on the side of the bank.  All other applications and changes came from wants and needs that people in our trade had requested over years of prototyping.

Reuwsaat’s Bait and Lure

Reuwsaat’s Bait and Lure   (605) 877-6911

I am from Western South Dakota and I am a full time trapper.  I left the Corporate world in 2011 to make the transition to become a full time trapper.  Being  a multi Species Professional Trapper all these products have been used and proven successful for me.  This transition allowed me to take the next step in producing my bait and lure line that I have been using privately for several years.  Due to past success and phenomenal catches this line has extensive results in multiple states.  It is my extreme pleasure to offer these products to all trappers and outdoorsman across the Nation so you too can reach your goals.

These Bait and Lure Recipes have been developed by me while observing actual predators on my trap line.  Having the opportunity to be a full time trapper, trapping in multi states I have been fortunate enough to observe predator behavior at a set location and make adjustments to my formulas,  to help hold the animal at the set longer.  This allows all of us a greater opportunity to capture our targeted animal.

This is a family owned and operated business.

Thanks again for visiting and Good Luck on the line, may your chains be tight.