Fall Meeting Summary

The Nebraska Fur Harvesters Association met Saturday at noon during the fall convention.   The following are some high points of the meeting:

  • G&P Furbearer Biologist Sam Wilson gave an update on the process to have an otter season in Nebraska.  The process is more complicated than one might think, with lots of meetings and due diligence.  Hats off to Sam, as he is pushing as much as he can to get us the season.
  • Two vacant officer positions were filled.  Ted Howard will be our new Legislative Representative.  Jessica Power will be our new Public Relations Director.  We wish both of these people well in their new endeavors and we know they will do a good job for us in the Nebraska Fur Harvesters Association.
  • The guys from Bassett came and gave a good presentation and put in a good bid to get the 2019 Convention.  The members voted unanimously to have it there.  2019 Convention will be in Bassett next September.
  • Dave Hastings and Mark Hajny gave their national association reports from the FTA and NTA respectively.  Dave’s knowledge of trapping happenings on a national level is invaluable to our association.
  • We sold the trailer.  For those who do not know, the association owned a trailer which held all the tables and chairs, cooking equipment, coolers, totes, etc.  The trailer got some hail damage, we ended up buying 2 new trailers, a large one and small one.  At the convention we sold the old trailer.
  • We kicked off a vendor advertising program this year.  You will now see vendor advertisements on the website and you will see vendor reviews on the facebook page.

If you have any questions about what was discussed please contact any of the NFH officers.

Member Profile: Jessica Power

Jessica Power

College Student – Land Surveying/Civil Engineering, Waitress, and Mother of three teenage boys 😁

Born and raised in North Platte, NE. I currently reside in Seward, NE

How did you get started in trapping?
I started trapping all on my own in 2014 on the South Platte River. The reason I started was to see if I could decrease the predator population of turkeys within the area. I had been trying to hunt the same “Dirty Dozen” for years, and never could get them called in under forty yards. I thought surely there has to be more than twelve birds over a mile of ground! I was well aware that the South Platte River receives the snowmelt off the Rocky Mountains annually, causing flooding. Many of the early clutches, laid in the cover of the dry river beds, are washed away. And with flood waters up, means that there are less places for the adults to hide. With further investigation, I discovered the land owner had not done any type of predator control on his land in over seven years! So I gave trapping a go and discovered that I enjoyed not only the challenges but the research of each animal and the ground that I covered. I think I caught maybe ten raccoons and three opossums that first year. The most rewarding feeling, after two seasons of trapping, was seeing trail camera photos of, my “Dirty Dozen”, the rafter of turkeys had tripled!!!

What is your favorite animal to target?
Badger and Bobcat

What do you enjoy most about the sport of trapping?
The thing I enjoy most about trapping is the memories I get to make with my children. I get to teach them the moral ethics and the benefits of managing the predator population. Trapping connects us with the environment and as a family.

What is one of your most memorable trapping moments?
My most memorable moment was descending from the top of a canyon road and being able to see the dirt mound of a trapped badger over a half mile away.

What would you like to see changed as far as trapping regulations in Nebraska?
The regulations are acceptable and honorable to the sport of trapping. What I would like to see is more trap thieves caught, with steeper fines and more community service, given to offenders. Rural community service they could partake in to help farmers and ranchers within our state.

What other hobbies do you have?
– Public Relations Representative of the Nebraska Fur Harvesters Association
– Student Senate Secretary at Southeast Community College
– Leisure time with my children
– Scouting
– Hunting
– Fishing
– Trapping
– Binary Explosives
– “Do It Youself” projects
– Shopping at Cabela’s

Anything else you want the Nebraska Fur Harvesters to know about you?
I am the first civilian female in the state of Nebraska to obtain a permit for the legal use of binary explosives.
You never know what you are capable of if you hesitate and make excuses. So, never hesitate to teach yourself, about anything in life. Be willing to learn something new everyday. And share your passion with the world!

Member Profile: Josh Kushen

Josh Kushen

Active Guard (Army National Guard), Hastings, NE

Campbell, NE

How did you get started in trapping?
When I was about 12 years old I would go check trap lines with my Uncle Todd and was always fascinated with his ability to track animals, lure, and trap. In high school I tried my hand at calling and primarily stalking and shining for critters. Now nearly 15 years later I realize how much I missed this part of the outdoors and have spent the last two years stocking up my traps, snares, etc. for a hopeful season this year and to share the experience with my children.

What is your favorite animal to target?
Right now I like them all but foot-holds are exciting to say the least.

What do you enjoy most about the sport of trapping?
Being outdoors and in the element of the wild knowing that I can track an animal, pattern their movement and set a trap to capture them and knowing that I could potentially have it all wrong when I do but at the same time still learn something.

What is one of your most memorable trapping moments?
With my Uncle Todd and we came upon a trapped Coyote. It was a really cold winter and their was snow on the ground. She had a beautiful color and coat on her and I was awestruck as a child being that close to animal of that nature.

What would you like to see changed as far as trapping regulations in Nebraska?
I am still learning but, I do dabble in other hobbies like bird hunting/trials and the biggest thing that I see not just in trapping but all outdoor activities is that the communities seem to be dwindling down.

What other hobbies do you have?
Bow hunting, bird hunting, raise pigeons, competitive shooting.

Anything else you want the Nebraska Fur Harvesters to know about you?
I am here to learn and want to learn from the best of them. When I commit to something I am all in. I am happy to be a part of this community and thank you for having me.

Why a NFH Membership?

There are various reasons why people do not “join up” for organizations.  Most of these reasons I understand and some I do not.  Some organizations will blast you with email constantly.  Now that they got you, they try to get you to the next level or to purchase additional products or services.  They collect your information such as address and phone number and sell it off to whoever pays money for it.  Soon you have junk mail from every conceivable related business and robo-calls that we all hate.

I would like to think the Nebraska Fur Harvesters is different.  In fact, I know they are different.

Most of your membership money goes to your subscription of The Trapper’s Post.  If you have never seen the ‘Post, then you are missing out on a really good read for trappers.  The post is always full of good information, how to articles and lots of knowledge.

The remaining money from your membership goes into our treasury.  This money is used to rent buildings and facilities for our annual convention and our annual banquet.  Lots of other things come up for our organization, such as printing costs, repair on our trailer, and other numerous things an organization encounters.

Of course you can attend the convention and its festivities without being a member of the NFH.  But only current members can attend the business meeting that takes place at noon on Saturday of the convention.

It is during this meeting where the organization decides where our money will get spent, among many other things.   It is always interesting.  Sometimes we all agree, sometimes we do not,  but there is always laughing and the camaraderie that goes with having a group of like minded people  “talking shop”.

The NFH annual convention is just around the corner.  It has fast become one of those things I look forward to every year.  Kinda like Christmas when I was a little kid.

The membership desk is located as you walk in the convention.  No one will twist your arm or look down on you if you are not a member, but your dollars (our dollars) are appreciated and are always put to good use.  Come out and have some fun, see some good demos, look at some new equipment and sniff some new baits and lures.  Above all, have a good time and enjoy yourself, and remember, we are all on the same team.

-Mark Hajny
NFH Web guy and NTA Representative