Other Educational Video Links

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Produced by Furtakers of America, http://furbearereducation.org is packed with educational how-to videos, videos on trapper ethics, student videos, and instructional videos.  Appropriate for students, educators, environmentalists, and trappers.

YouTube is a treasure trove of information (and mis-information) about everything under the sun.  The following links are to YouTube users who have valuable, educational and entertaining outdoors videos in their collections.

Shane Claeys (from Papio Creek Trapping Supply, a Nebraska company)
The Management Advantage.
Dustin Drews.  A former Nebraska boy.
Clint Locklear/Wolfernation
Sam Wood Outdoors (One of the best Coon trapping “courses” I have seen, 2 hours!)
Coon Creek Outdoors
The Backwoodsman’s Institute