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Hello Fellow Trappers,

I would like to thank all my customers for making NO-BS Lures a success and creating the need for this website! I have been trapping now for over 30 years, starting when I was 7 and at age 16 running long lines during and after school. During the early years I wasn’t satisfied with the design and overall results of the “standard” traps and at age 20 I started modifying them and making my own bait. Making something not only different but better means a superior product for you and like our motto says “The Proof Is In The Catch!”

Everything on this website comes from years of testing, tweaking, and using it on my lines, and as you can see in the photos…successfully. Coon trapping lessons are now available and I personally will come on your line in the summer and help make the catch which provides a more customized approach for your trapping needs. New this year is the exciting “Glow In The Dark” coon bait, the first ever in the market as well as several other baits, lures, and accessories. I will be conducting seminars at the Minnesota and National Convention so stop by and say hello. Looking forward to hearing from you about the product and send any photo for use on the website and future catalogs. Hope you have a great season and the best of luck.