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Since the conception of this business, I have strived to not become one of the status quo. The products that you find in this store reflect my beliefs on what I want to use on the trapline. I enjoy making a buck the same as anyone, but not at your expense! The baits and lures that I make are not an internet copied formulation that anyone can make. These are developed in my lure room and tested on my own personal trapline.   I want you to have the best product, and I want you to have great success using these products.

I receive calls every week from trappers all across the United States thanking me for increasing their fur harvest using the same products that are available to you. In addition to offering you quality products for your trapline, I also have written a couple of books and produced a video that show my methods that have raised the bar in terms of content and quality.  My book “One Square Mile” has become one of the “must own books” in the trapping industry according to leading trappers in various parts of the country. Its content is unique to other trapping books, and has literally changed thousands of trappers methods when pursuing fur. My DVD is 3 hours of trapline instruction filmed in HD, and the sound quality is second to none. In the video, I explain my sets and location in detail to better serve you.

My reward is your success, and the best trappers in the world use these products.  Please look around, and if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call! Until then, Good Trapping! Ed Schneider