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Fur Harvest Surveys

It’s the time of year when the Nebraska Game and Parks sends out their annual Fur Harvest Survey.  It is also the time when we will remind you to fill these out and send them in.

The importance of these surveys can not be stressed enough.

Without numbers and hard facts, wildlife biologists are left to guesswork when making strategic decisions on your trapping and fur harvesting future.  We, the fur harvesters of Nebraska, will be providing the decision makers with the data they need to do their jobs and protect our interests.  It is also completely anonymous.

Free Postage. If there is one thing trappers can agree on, its that free is good.

One thing of high importance on these surveys is the question about river otters.  Nebraska is getting close to having a trapping season of some sort on river otters, but it will never happen unless biologists get hard facts on how many are around.

It takes about 5 minutes of your time, no one will know its you, and it won’t cost you anything for postage.

Let’s all do the responsible thing and send in our surveys!


Reminder: Fill Out Those Surveys!!

Annually, the Nebraska Game and Parks commission will mail out (or email) surveys to permit holders.  These are sent out to holders of fur harvest permits as well as hunting, big game and waterfowl hunting permits.

The surveys are anonymous and the responses provide valuable information to our wildlife biologists.  Using this information, they can set season dates, daily bag limits, and keep a handle on populations.

According to the most recent fur harvest survey, only 16% of those surveyed actually returned their survey.

As good stewards of our resources, we take the responsibility of purchasing permits to take part in these activities.  We also need to take the responsibility of providing feedback to the commission on our experiences.  Remember, the surveys are anonymous.