Member Profile: Lawrence “Larry” D. Sills

Lawrence “Larry” D. Sills

Retired: Nuclear physicist, Mechnaical &Electrical Engineer—Current: Profesional Predator Trapper and Caller

Cedar Rapids, Iowa & Halsey Nebraska

How did you get started in trapping?
Being a Farm Kid.

What is your favorite animal to target?
Yotes, Cats

What do you enjoy most about the sport of trapping?
The Money.

What is one of your most memorable trapping moments?
The time we got the pickup truck stuck during a mid night muskrat check with my new GF. Truck got burred so fast I didnt even get to steel a kiss. We had to walk 2 miles in cold wet snow. I carried her 1/2 mile on my back as she was cold and wet.

We arrived at the barn started the tractor and went to retrieve my pickup. That very petite beautiful girl became my wife 2 years later. She has trapped with me on and off for more than 40 of my 50 years of setting steel. This season my teen grandchildren began trapping.

What would you like to see changed as far as trapping regulations in Nebraska?
1) 72 hour trap check’s are allowed with the following exceptions. Except on identified public use areas, Wildlife Management Area, or Public Lakes/Reservoir.
Moreover. traps must be place 1/2 mile (880 yards) from any occupied residence.

2) Redefine Live trap: Cage traps and steel laminated jaw or rubber laminated jaw types with at least a 1/4 inch offset jaw space shall be considered live animal trap. 

What other hobbies do you have?
Longline Trapping is all season job.

Anything else you want the Nebraska Fur Harvesters to know about you?
I lived in Washington County, Neb for more than 18 Years. On an average season I will trap and call more than 225 square miles.