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No BS Lures

NO-BS Lures   (641)-228-0050

Hello Fellow Trappers,

I would like to thank all my customers for making NO-BS Lures a success and creating the need for this website! I have been trapping now for over 30 years, starting when I was 7 and at age 16 running long lines during and after school. During the early years I wasn’t satisfied with the design and overall results of the “standard” traps and at age 20 I started modifying them and making my own bait. Making something not only different but better means a superior product for you and like our motto says “The Proof Is In The Catch!”

Everything on this website comes from years of testing, tweaking, and using it on my lines, and as you can see in the photos…successfully. Coon trapping lessons are now available and I personally will come on your line in the summer and help make the catch which provides a more customized approach for your trapping needs. New this year is the exciting “Glow In The Dark” coon bait, the first ever in the market as well as several other baits, lures, and accessories. I will be conducting seminars at the Minnesota and National Convention so stop by and say hello. Looking forward to hearing from you about the product and send any photo for use on the website and future catalogs. Hope you have a great season and the best of luck.

Keg Creek Baits and Lures

Keg Creek Baits and Lures  (712)-366-1356

I have been making baits and lures since 1985, having learned from one of the best, Ron Hansen, who learned from one of the best, Bill Nelson. After ten years of working with baits and lures with Ron, I made his baits and lures while he was running his painting and gardening business in the summertime.

I have over 45 years of trapping experience.
I have taken mink and fox trapping lessons from one of Iowa’s GREATS, Bud Hall. Also, coyote and beaver snaring lessons from the Clark brothers from Nebraska. Coon trapping and Lure and Bait making lessons from Ron Hansen. And coyote and bobcat lessons from Craig O’Gorman on two different occasions.

KCB&L features several baits and lures of my own formula along with Ron and Bill’s deadly lures. All of my baits and lures have been time tested. Give them a try and you won’t regret it. Check out my specials.

– Marty Smith

Kansas Trapline Products

Kansas Trapline Products   (660)-641-3682

Since the conception of this business, I have strived to not become one of the status quo. The products that you find in this store reflect my beliefs on what I want to use on the trapline. I enjoy making a buck the same as anyone, but not at your expense! The baits and lures that I make are not an internet copied formulation that anyone can make. These are developed in my lure room and tested on my own personal trapline.   I want you to have the best product, and I want you to have great success using these products.

I receive calls every week from trappers all across the United States thanking me for increasing their fur harvest using the same products that are available to you. In addition to offering you quality products for your trapline, I also have written a couple of books and produced a video that show my methods that have raised the bar in terms of content and quality.  My book “One Square Mile” has become one of the “must own books” in the trapping industry according to leading trappers in various parts of the country. Its content is unique to other trapping books, and has literally changed thousands of trappers methods when pursuing fur. My DVD is 3 hours of trapline instruction filmed in HD, and the sound quality is second to none. In the video, I explain my sets and location in detail to better serve you.

My reward is your success, and the best trappers in the world use these products.  Please look around, and if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call! Until then, Good Trapping! Ed Schneider

Hilltop Outdoor Supply

Hilltop Outdoor Supply   (641)-757-0211

Or shop is located in Iowa and has a diverse selection of Trapping Supplies. Including most animal traps, trap parts, snares, snare supplies, baits, and urine. We do get in some used traps from time to time, so please ask. Stop in or give me a call if there is something I can help you with. We offer most trap and snare brands available on the market today.

If there are any items you are looking for that are not on our site, please let me know as I stock several items that is not on my website. If I don’t have it I will do my best to get them and stock them. It’s our goal to be have the best selection of trapping and snare supplies in Iowa and the United States. From dyes &wax to hunting lights and more, we are a one stop shop for all your outdoor needs.

Petska Fur


Petska Fur   buys raw fur, antlers, deer and elk hides at hundred of locations throughout the middle and western United States. We also sell specimens for taxidermy purposes and a variety of skulls. Our main office is located in Ord, Nebraska. We also have a satellite store located in Alliance, NE.

Petska Family


Papio Creek Trapping Supply


Visit our website

Papio Creek Trapping Supply is owned by Shane and Nancy Claeys of Blair, Nebraska.

Shane developed a love for hunting and trapping at a young age, skills that were passed down to him by his father Jim, his dear friend Joe, as well as a few old time hunters and trappers in his hometown of Bennington, Nebraska.

Shane spent a big part of the 1980s, trapping along the Niobrara and Missouri River bordering Nebraska and South Dakota. Each year, October through March, longlining in a four wheel drive, a snowmobile, a flat bottom boat and on foot — was what he loved to do and quickly discovered he could make a pretty good living at it during those lean economic times.

Because of Shane’s trapping experiences, many of the products we offer are designed with the longliner trapper in mind. Products that save time, are reasonably priced and will allow you to set your traps quickly, locate them in a hurry and most importantly, increase your capture rate — because there’s nothing more frustrating and disappointing than a snapped trap with nothing in it.

We are confident our products are going to bring you more furs. Period.

We encourage you to try our products and judge for yourself. There are no re-do’s when it comes to earning your business, so we want to get it right.

We will do everything we can to make you a successful trapper — because you deserve nothing less.

Papio Creek appreciates what you do. Thank you for your valued business.