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Spring Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder of the Spring Meeting coming up on Sunday, April 30th.  It will be at the VFW in Seward, starting at 12 noon.  Lunch will be available for a free will offering.

Lots of things will be discussed including the 2017 convention, 2018 convention and a possible Spring banquet.

There will also be giveaways, and new NFH merchandise to buy.

Spring Meeting Reminder

This is a reminder to attend the Nebraska Fur Harvesters Spring Meeting.

The meeting will be Sunday, April 30th, 2017 in Seward at the VFW.   Meeting starts at noon and lunch will be served.  Map this location.

All current members are encouraged to attend.  Come bring your ideas and hear what we are up to.  We have a lot to cover this time!

As always, there will be raffle prizes and give-aways!


Spring Meeting Set

The Nebraska Fur Harvesters Spring Meeting will be held Sunday, April 30th in Seward, Nebraska at the VFW Club.  Meeting will start at noon.  Lunch will be provided.  This is a general business meeting for the membership to discuss and vote on matters of importance to the organization.  All current members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Click here for a  google map showing the meeting location.

Come hear what our organization is up to and be a part of it and voice your opinions.  See you there!


Highlights From The NFH Business Meeting

The 2016 convention is in the books and a good time was had by all.  Underneath all the vendor booths, tailgaters and demos is always the Nebraska Fur Harvesters general membership meeting.  This is where policy and decisions are made by the organization, and this is open to all NFH members in current standing who desire to be a part of the direction and decision making of our organization.

Usually the biggest item on the agenda is where to hold the convention for the upcoming year.   A couple guys from Sidney were here and made a very compelling case for their city.  It was put to a vote and decided that next year’s convention will be in Sidney, Nebraska, September 22 – 23.  Note:  Someone please get me the names of these two gentlemen so I can update this article to give them proper credit.

In other items of importance, it was decided to send more money to help out Montana in their fight against Initiative 177 which would ban trapping on public ground in that state.

The youth trapping education program was discussed, as well as Gary Macke’s youth program he helps with.

Nebraska Game and Parks Furbearer Biologist Sam Wilson gave his report.  It is looking good for a discounted fur harvest permit for seniors and veterans.  Things are also starting to look good for an Otter season in Nebraska, but it is a long process and the specifics are still being worked out.

The positions of Treasurer and Vice President were up for election this year.  No one contested, so Monty Arnold (VP) and Jason Reynoldson (Treasurer) will retain their offices.

Gary Macke presented the Nebraska Fur Harvesters with a check for $800 from NAFA.

NFH Spring Meeting will be held in Seward Nebraska,  April 30th, noon, at the VFW.

Some new things coming to the website will be online membership signups and some NFH merchandise sales.

If you have any questions, use the Contact Us link at the top of the page or email Eric Stane at ericnfh@gmail.com

Spring Meeting Held In Sumner, Nebraska

The Spring meeting was held in Sumner, Nebraska on April 10th, 2016.  Topics discussed included furthering the education program, getting volunteers to help at the convention and to help with education classes, etc.  The possibility of holding a State Association Fur Auction was tossed around.  If you have interest or opinions on this contact Eric Stane.

Bob Miers was introduced as the new Secretary for the Nebraska Fur Harvesters Association.  Thanks, Bob and we are glad to have that position filled after being vacant for so long.

Some discussion was had about where to hold the 2017 convention.

Sam Wilson giving his report
Sam Wilson giving his report

Sam Wilson, Furbearer Program Manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission gave his report on some regulation terminology changes, Otter numbers, and Furbearer Harvest numbers.  Thanks Sam for making the trip out and providing the valuable information.





If anyone would like to volunteer to help at the convention, education programs, or anything else with the Nebraska Fur Harvesters, please contact our President Eric Stane.  We are always looking for volunteers.

A big thanks to all who attended for making the trip.  Thanks to those that donated lure, bait, tools and hats to be drawn out and given away as door prizes.  There were a few items left over and those will go in Eric’s youth education box to be given out at the future youth education seminars.  Also a huge Thank You to Monte for hosting and providing lunch!

Have a good summer and see you all at the convention!!!

Spring Meeting Attendance in Sumner, Nebraska
Spring Meeting Attendance in Sumner, Nebraska

Spring Meeting Details Announced

The Spring Meeting of the Nebraska Fur Harvesters Association will be held Sunday, April 10, 2016 in Sumner, Nebraska at the Sumner Community Hall.  Meeting time is 10:30am.  Monte is arranging for lunch and it is being provided for a good will offering.

Topics being discussed include:

Expanding the Trappers Education Program
Building a list of volunteers for events
Introducing our new Secretary
The 2016 Convention
Proposed regulation changes
The new website
Any other new business or concerns

Click this link to see the location on google maps.

Door prizes will be given away.  Shane Claeys from Papio Creek Trapping Supply has a box of giveaways, as well as a few things from Hornady and M & M Baits and Lures.  There will probably be more by meeting time.

If you have questions please contact Eric Stane at this email address, or use the Contact Us page.

All Nebraska Fur Harvesters Association members are welcome to attend.  If you are not currently a member, Visit our membership page and join today or join at the meeting.

There is currently a thread on trapperman.com about the spring meeting.  Make a post of you need to carpool or have any ideas:  http://www.trapperman.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/5448563/Nebraska_Fur_Harvesters_spring#Post5448563

Proposed Regulation Changes for Fur Harvesting

Below is a link to the Secretary of State’s website with the final wording for the proposed regulation changes:


You can click on the link titled “View Proposed Regulation” and then scroll down to page 15 of the document to view changes (highlighted in yellow).

Comments can be officially entered on the website by clicking on the “Post Comment” link. The regulations will be voted on at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission meeting that will be held at the Lincoln headquarters beginning at 8:30am this Thursday (1/14/16). Anyone who wishes to testify in person may attend the public meeting.

NFH Elects New President

At the 2015 Fall meeting, NFH elected Eric Stane as new President to replace Adam Duryea who’s term was up.  Eric answered a few questions about himself and his upcoming role in the Nebraska Fur harvesters:

How did you get started in trapping?

I picked up a copy of Fur Fish and Game in the high school library and borrowed a few traps from a friend. I just thought it looked interesting and never thought I would still be doing it 30 years later.

Why did you join The Nebraska Fur Harvesters?

To help further educate the younger generation and to see that our sport is available to them in the future.

As President of the NFH, what would you like to see accomplished?

A Trapper Education program established.