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Or shop is located in Iowa and has a diverse selection of Trapping Supplies. Including most animal traps, trap parts, snares, snare supplies, baits, and urine. We do get in some used traps from time to time, so please ask. Stop in or give me a call if there is something I can help you with. We offer most trap and snare brands available on the market today.

If there are any items you are looking for that are not on our site, please let me know as I stock several items that is not on my website. If I don’t have it I will do my best to get them and stock them. It’s our goal to be have the best selection of trapping and snare supplies in Iowa and the United States. From dyes &wax to hunting lights and more, we are a one stop shop for all your outdoor needs.

Petska Fur


Petska Fur   buys raw fur, antlers, deer and elk hides at hundred of locations throughout the middle and western United States. We also sell specimens for taxidermy purposes and a variety of skulls. Our main office is located in Ord, Nebraska. We also have a satellite store located in Alliance, NE.

Petska Family


Papio Creek Trapping Supply


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Papio Creek Trapping Supply is owned by Shane and Nancy Claeys of Blair, Nebraska.

Shane developed a love for hunting and trapping at a young age, skills that were passed down to him by his father Jim, his dear friend Joe, as well as a few old time hunters and trappers in his hometown of Bennington, Nebraska.

Shane spent a big part of the 1980s, trapping along the Niobrara and Missouri River bordering Nebraska and South Dakota. Each year, October through March, longlining in a four wheel drive, a snowmobile, a flat bottom boat and on foot — was what he loved to do and quickly discovered he could make a pretty good living at it during those lean economic times.

Because of Shane’s trapping experiences, many of the products we offer are designed with the longliner trapper in mind. Products that save time, are reasonably priced and will allow you to set your traps quickly, locate them in a hurry and most importantly, increase your capture rate — because there’s nothing more frustrating and disappointing than a snapped trap with nothing in it.

We are confident our products are going to bring you more furs. Period.

We encourage you to try our products and judge for yourself. There are no re-do’s when it comes to earning your business, so we want to get it right.

We will do everything we can to make you a successful trapper — because you deserve nothing less.

Papio Creek appreciates what you do. Thank you for your valued business.

Introduction To Trapping Class Set

Eric Stane, president and education coordinator of the Nebraska Fur Harvesters will be hosting an Introduction to Trapping class.

This class will be held at the Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center (44th and Superior) in Lincoln Nebraska.  The date is Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm.

Topics discussed will be a basic introduction to equipment, regulations, safety and techniques.

Registration is free and is open to the general public.  To sign up, contact Eric at ericnfh@gmail.com or register at https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/92424



NFH and Gary Macke Sponsoring Kids Fur Raffle

Gary Macke of Macke Fur and Hide, Royal, Nebraska, will again be sponsoring his Kids Fur Raffle.

The raffle is open to all kids ages 16 and under.  All they need to do is get a finished fur (or furs) to Gary by February 1st, 2017.  Gary is a fur buyer and the NAFA agent for Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming and will be making scheduled rounds around the state (find the schedule here)

All the proceeds from the sale of the fur will be used as prizes.  50% of the money will be paid out to three winners drawn from the pool of contributors.  The other 50% of the money will be used to buy prizes to be given to the remaining participants.

If you need help getting a fur finished (skinned, fleshed and dried) you can contact the following people to help you:

Dave Hastings, Lemoyne, Nebraska:  (308) 355-2439
Eric Stane, Springfield, Nebraska:  (402) 658-8012

If you are interested in helping finish fur for a kid who doesn’t have a way to do it, please contact us at nebraskafurharvesters@gmail.com.

If you can’t find anyone to help, contact us and we will find someone to help you get your fur finished.

You can contact Gary at (402) 394-8117.


Big Win For Trappers In Montana, Kansas, and Indiana

Beneath the hype of the presidential elections there were some key issues on ballots in other states that affect us as trappers.

Montana has defeated Initiative 177, which would prohibit trapping on public land.  To us in Nebraska, when we think public land, we think pheasant grass and duck marshes on 160 acre plots.  In Montana, public land consists of 1/3rd the state, over 30 million acres!  Initiative 177 was defeated soundly in Montana by a 64% to 36% vote.  The defeat of I-177 will allow Montana trappers to continue to utilize public ground for trapping.

I got in touch with Toby Walrath, president of the Montana Trapper’s Association.  He had this to say about the victory:   “Montana Trappers have won a major victory in protecting our rights to trap on public lands.  The Montana Trappers Association is grateful for the outpouring of time and money spent by individuals and organizations from all over the country in supporting  our efforts to defeat an initiative that threatened our way of life.”

Indiana and Kansas both had ballot issues which would make hunting, fishing, and trapping a constitutional right.  This would make it harder for the antis to get a foothold, as once it is amended to a state’s constitution as a right, it is harder to take away a citizen’s right to do something.  Both of these issues were soundly passed with Kansas voting 81% and Indiana voting 78% in favor.

Playing “what if” is pure speculation. But it stands to reason that without the financial help of the Sportsman’s Alliance, National Trappers Association, the Furtakers of America, and numerous state trapping associations (including Nebraska) and the many individual contributions, to Montana, the Montana initiative would have passed.

Your membership dollars were put to good use, to preserve our way of life.  Remember to join your local state trappers association, the NTA,  FTA, and Sportsmans Alliance.

— Mark Hajny, Clay Center, Nebraska


Fur Season Is Upon Us, But The Experts Say Not So Fast

The famous line used by ESPN College Football analyst Lee Corso could be applied to fur season, “Not so fast, my friend”.

Even though the Nebraska fur harvest season officially starts November 1st for most furbearers, the experts are saying hold off and use some restraint.

In a facebook post from October 27th, 2016, Greg Petska of Petska fur, says “Coon market very Weak yet. We are only going to buy better colors and better sizes from better sections for between $1-4. Don’t want any coon taken before thanksgiving.

Fur primes up based on the amount of daylight and some say it is affected by the temperature.  If such is the case, the unseasonably warm October temperatures have not helped it any.

According to information posted on Groenewold Fur and Wool Company’s website, prices are flat for raccoon, beaver and muskrats.  In a nutshell it looks like not a lot has changed from last year.

Be selective and start later.  Get a catch pole and learn to use it.  The warm temperatures offer a good opportunity to go out and do some extra scouting.  Take your shotgun with you and take advantage of our rebounding upland game bird populations.

It will be here before you know it.

Spring Meeting Set

The Nebraska Fur Harvesters Spring Meeting will be held Sunday, April 30th in Seward, Nebraska at the VFW Club.  Meeting will start at noon.  Lunch will be provided.  This is a general business meeting for the membership to discuss and vote on matters of importance to the organization.  All current members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Click here for a  google map showing the meeting location.

Come hear what our organization is up to and be a part of it and voice your opinions.  See you there!


Highlights From The NFH Business Meeting

The 2016 convention is in the books and a good time was had by all.  Underneath all the vendor booths, tailgaters and demos is always the Nebraska Fur Harvesters general membership meeting.  This is where policy and decisions are made by the organization, and this is open to all NFH members in current standing who desire to be a part of the direction and decision making of our organization.

Usually the biggest item on the agenda is where to hold the convention for the upcoming year.   A couple guys from Sidney were here and made a very compelling case for their city.  It was put to a vote and decided that next year’s convention will be in Sidney, Nebraska, September 22 – 23.  Note:  Someone please get me the names of these two gentlemen so I can update this article to give them proper credit.

In other items of importance, it was decided to send more money to help out Montana in their fight against Initiative 177 which would ban trapping on public ground in that state.

The youth trapping education program was discussed, as well as Gary Macke’s youth program he helps with.

Nebraska Game and Parks Furbearer Biologist Sam Wilson gave his report.  It is looking good for a discounted fur harvest permit for seniors and veterans.  Things are also starting to look good for an Otter season in Nebraska, but it is a long process and the specifics are still being worked out.

The positions of Treasurer and Vice President were up for election this year.  No one contested, so Monty Arnold (VP) and Jason Reynoldson (Treasurer) will retain their offices.

Gary Macke presented the Nebraska Fur Harvesters with a check for $800 from NAFA.

NFH Spring Meeting will be held in Seward Nebraska,  April 30th, noon, at the VFW.

Some new things coming to the website will be online membership signups and some NFH merchandise sales.

If you have any questions, use the Contact Us link at the top of the page or email Eric Stane at ericnfh@gmail.com